MVP's, Design Systems, Product2020-Present

I’ve also gotten the chance to work at several smaller startups (seed to Series A) and miscellaneous places like the NIH and a Cornell Tech Research group.

Reward Reports (2023)

The Reward Reports project was started for documentation of changes in AI systems. You can view the research report with some examples of Reward Reports here with some examples of their structure. RR View the video demo of the edit experience I designed here. View the video demo of the analytics experience I designed here

Mintlify (2023)

Seed-stage startup focused on documentation (2M, funded by Bain Capital Ventures). Setting up the design system and brand design.

View the design system file here.


Simple Healthkit (2022)

Series A startup focused on cheap rapid testing for healthcare (funded by Kleiner Perkins. Designed the MVP which was presented to clients.


RDV Green (2022)

Won third place at Rough Draft Ventures (General Catalyst) Hackathon after 5 hours of prototyping!

Sustainability tracking is an overdone idea - and I wanted to avoid the key pitfalls I saw in EarthHero, Joro, and Capture:


  1. Too much energy on quantifying the carbon footprint of existing - instead of measuring the current harm, instead I wanted to focus on actionable goals towards a generalist sustainable lifestyle.
  • Especially since some actions may be outside of a user’s hands (aka their commute or energy provider)
  1. Doesn’t encourage the user to return to the app - often times they introduce all the possible actions at once with paragraphs of detail, making it stressful for those who find environmentalism a “high commitment” activity to consider taking action. I focused on gamifying actions as well as reducing the scope for a more clearcut intention behind the app.

abillion (2020)

The first startup I worked at (raised 10M series A after internship)! I shipped the reporting system and worked on a speculative product proposal centered around vegan communities leading design synthesis or 50+ survey responses and 8 interviews.

Read the case study here


NIH (2020)

For the Fall of 2020 I was selected to be part of the 37 person Civic Digital Fellowship cohort (10% acceptance rate). The fellowship is a paid internship for student technologists to solve pressing problems in federal agencies and foray into civic tech.

For my project, I was tasked with creating an education section geared towards the public for the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering's Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group Wiki.

Read the case study here