❀ Hi, I'm Connie!

On a mission to design sustainable systems to empower the world.

I love 0 to 1 design, as it's where I can leverage my skillset in design, research, and code (I made this website!). Beyond work, I enjoy bringing people together to drive change. In college, I founded the design team at Hack4Impact and co-founded an open access UX Design club at Cornell. On the side of all that, I earned a degree in Data and Computer Science.

I'm deeply interested in how tech intersects with creativity and public benefit. Recently, I published a paper to CSCW researching fact-checking in rural India. I love curation spaces in all forms, a while ago I created a computational art showcase and most recently an experimental website about myself. I'm cautious about solutionism, I've been wondering when to not design technology.

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a list of things I love ↓

Doodling for my art blog, reading and drawing comics. I once had a webcomic with 18k views!

Giving tours in Philadelphia, my favorite (and home) city

The poem Leaves by Lloyd Schwartz and indie music, especially Mitski