Founding Designer, Team Lead2 years

Hack4Impact is one of my most formative experiences in college and has made me critically think about the role we hold as technologists and how important design is to developing responsibly. I've -

  • Written about the process of creating design resources for all Hack4Impact chapters and mentored a design team - growing it from 0 to 6 designers.

  • Grown since my first project where I had to iterate on a product in two weeks as well as teach proper frontend to two of the engineers.

  • Scaled the organization from 30 to 50+ members, 3 to 5 projects, created a product research system, led recruitment to review 100+ apps, increased retention by 30%

We were recently recognized for our efforts in improving as an organization by winning the Student Group of the Year from Cornell Engineering during my time as co-director!

Design Case Study


Read here about how I designed CANY's data visualization platform!